REPOST: Shutting Down Your Business Gracefully

Not all start-ups or business ventures would end up like Airbnb, Xiaomi, or Starbucks. Unfortunately, as per statistics, more than half of small businesses would close down in less than two years of operation. This is may be due to lack of capital, market, or business management expertise. Regardless, one can shut down his business in a more graceful manner. Read this Harvard Business Review article for more insights:



Much has been written about how to grow a business. Sadly, however, given the daunting business survival statistics, most businesses never get an opportunity to scale up. They start small and stay small, and many eventually shut down, whether sooner or later. Of those few that do begin to scale, the effort to scale up often fails to last, and the all-too-familiar roller-coaster of life in business heads, or threatens to head, downhill. Thus, a far more common challenge is that of scaling down: How to gracefully scale down and close a business – with your reputation, trust, and dignity intact – and live build another business, in another arena, on another day.

To examine how key constituencies — clients, suppliers, employees – can be fairly dealt with, we will deconstruct the story of a company (founded by one of us, Andrew Blickstein) that scaled down after 16 years. A strong, transparent, and trust-driven culture plays a central role in driving a scale-down decision and in managing the process as the it unfolds.


Home Run Media’s Turning Point

Home Run Media, a media agency that helped its clients plan and carry out their marketing strategies, had been operating for more than a decade when a key client in the fantasy sports industry began to grow rapidly, thanks in part to Home Run’s work and to a healthy dose of venture capital that was fueling its growth. Home Run’s media billings and its revenue, took off, growing more than tenfold in less than two years.

Alas, as 2015 unfolded, concerns arose that the client’s business, and that of other similar companies, might not be legal in its core U.S. market. The client, which constituted some 80 percent of Home Run’s billings, advised Home Run that its 2016 billings were likely to fall sharply. Hammering home the point, the client added, “It’s probably a good time to terminate our contract.”

As Home Run’s founder and sole owner, Blickstein had been through a regular series of feasts and famines and ups and downs, but over Thanksgiving weekend in 2015, he decided he wanted no more of it. He wanted out.


Making the Decision

Blickstein and his finance team had already begun to analyze the options. At first they considered finding a buyer for the business, but it became clear that selling his still-modestly sized business would take some time. At his current levels of operating costs, its value – and its cash – would likely erode quickly in the face of the expected fall in revenue. And who be interested in buying a business that was losing its golden goose client, anyway? Not a viable option, he concluded.

On the plus side, his company’s healthy book of accounts receivable indicated that if he could stop the cash burn quickly, he stood a chance to walk away with a tidy sum. He could put his kids through college and buy some time to think about what to do next. “But how,” he wondered, ”do I carry out this decision while limiting the damage caused to those who have trusted me?” There were four key constituencies with whom Blickstein would have to deal, he realized: his clients, his vendors, his employees, and himself.



Home Run’s clients relied on the company to help develop and implement their media strategies. Blickstein couldn’t simply leave them in the lurch. He could not and would not simply tell them he was closing shop and wish them good luck. Not only would such an action breach the trust he’d built with them, but he feared they would be angry and wouldn’t pay what they owed him for services already rendered — or to be rendered as he wound things down. If the receivables failed to come in, Blickstein ran the risk of walking away with little to show for his 16 years of effort.

Blickstein knew how difficult it can be for a client to find, select, hire, and onboard a new agency. He decided to break the news to each client himself, and do so first, before addressing his vendors. In doing so, he suggested agencies that could pick up where Home Run Media left off and execute the client’s strategies in a philosophically similar manner, and he offered to support the client in managing the transition. By the end of January 2016, all of his clients had moved on and, happily, no bridges had been burned.


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Offshore Investments

This can structure a critical piece of a speculation system. It can likewise display open doors free from the limitations of nearby venture. This is none the less a range full with pitfalls. An interview with a Partner at StoneHouse Capital could be of awesome help to a speculator considering seaward speculation. One essentially needs to take a gander at their Monthly Market and Economic Reports to see that inside and out scope is given to worldwide markets. There are likewise consultants and Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) who represent considerable authority in speculation exhortation on outside business sectors.

Seaward venture has gotten to be available to more financial specialists. Main considerations elevating access to remote markets are advancements in Internet based innovation and worldwide interchanges. Data on outside businesses is subsequently all the more unreservedly accessible. This makes it a considerable measure less demanding in light of the fact that data on speculation danger is more open. The pace with which speculators can respond is in this way progressed. Along these lines individuals can feel all the more in control of their seaward ventures.

What is Offshore Investment

The term €offshore investment€ just alludes to speculation past the outskirts of a speculator’s own nation. The principal ramifications is that it is free from nearby confinements and conditions which restrain the business sectors in a speculator’s own nation. This could mean introduction to businesses which are not provincially accessible. Be that as it may, this does not imply that boundless open door abruptly opens up.

About Offshore Investing
In the event that you wish to realize what is seaward contributing you would be alluding to an extensive variety of venture methods which exist keeping in mind the end goal to benefit from the favorable circumstances that exist outside of one’s nation of origin. There are limits and points of interest that exist for seaward contributing. The scope of venture items is wide. These change from currency market o value resources, securities and different manifestations of speculation methodologies that are time tried, financially sound and superbly legitimate to choose.Points of interest of Offshore Investment

Portfolio Diversification
Therefore speculators regularly consider it as an essential part of portfolio expansion. Seaward speculation records can give a financial specialist essentially boundless access to global markets, and to all real trades. New open doors can likewise open up, for instance creating nations which privatize their state possessed commercial ventures.

Resource Protection
Seaward speculation makes a chance to rebuild responsibility for. It gives a certain level of safety against claims, or moneylenders abandoning extraordinary obligations. This could be possible through paper proprietorship exchanges from people to partnerships which are no more defenseless to seizure.

Numerous seaward purviews constitute a certain level of mystery. This implies prominent financial specialists can ensure their riches and premiums by staying unknown. This secrecy likewise permits prominent financial specialists to purchase offers without littler speculators driving the costs up by taking after their illustration.

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How To Diversify Your Investment

In order to reduce risk, every fund manager, financial planner or an individual investor, knows that diversification is the general rule not to be forgotten. Using this technique, through allocating investments among different financial instruments, industries and other categories, investors reduce the risk because they invest their money into areas which react differently to the same event. Therefore, the return on the investment is maximized. In building your own long-term investment strategy, diversification is the most important component of accomplishing your goals while minimizing risk.

The proper strategy is to “spread your money around”, i.e. diversify your investments- offshore investing is a good tactic for achieving this. Placing all your eggs in one basket, colloquially speaking, is a very risky investment strategy, because there is a strong chance that your investment might be lost in a quick market swoon. Correct diversification will protect from such an event, but in order to achieve this, proper investment techniques must be applied.


Simple quantity of investment is not the key – having a lot of investments does not mean diversification is accomplished. The key is in having lots of different kinds of investments in different financial instruments, such as: stocks, bonds, real estate funds, international securities and cash. Investment in these different categories have different effects on your investments: stocks will help your portfolio grow, bonds will bring in income, real estate will be a barrier against inflation, international investments help maintain purchasing power and cash gives ever sought security and stability. Check out the telegraph for more info.


Importance of diversification when investing in stocks is easily recognizable in this simple example: if you have invested your money into an airline and it is publicly announced that the pilots are going to strike, share prices are bound to drop. However, if your investment is placed in airlines and railways, it is safe to assume that, given the strike of pilots and the cancellation of flights, passengers will turn to railways as an alternative mode of transport and there is a good chance that railways stock will climb. Another step would be to diversify and invest into industries that are not correlated – like airlines and railways are –and to achieve superior diversification. This way, your money will be all across the board, not only in different types of companies, but different industries.

Importance of diversifying among different asset classes is also imperative. Bonds, stocks and funds for example will not react the same to adverse events. One great example is a stable income fund. Some offshore investment companies like LOM offer mutual funds and asset management. So, in order to maximize returns and minimize risk by reducing your portfolio’s sensitivity, an investor has to seek diversification and invest into a combination of asset classes.


In conclusion, it has to be said that, no matter how diversified your investment is, there is always a chance of loss because risk is never eliminated completely. There is no assured profit on the market and each individual investor is looking to find his own way and strategy when deciding where to invest. The key move is to find a balance between risk and return, reduce the volatility of price movements and, by doing this and achieve your financial goals.

Emergency Locksmith Services: Help When You Need It Most

A locksmith plays an important role in case there is problems. They’re experts in breaking locks and will arrived at your rescue just in case you need their own services. Their services are required from a variety of events. In fact, locking mechanism smiting extends back with a 4000-year old home alarm system. The actual oldest identified lock present in Egypt some many thousands of years back, had a pin tumbler principle that is similar to the main one utilized today.

Emergency locksmiths can be found on a regular basis. Crisis locksmiths must make certain that they are presently there to rescue individuals situation there is certainly some accident or if there is certainly any kind of panicky scenario. There’s a lot taking place in the world today. The quantity of cars has risen a whole lot before few years. As the quantity of mishaps pertaining to autos and cars has grown, it is advisable which emergency locksmiths can be found all the time.

If you should occur to lock your keys inside your car and you’re simply stuck and need instant support, the locksmith will respond quickly. Their objective is to get you in your automobile as quickly as possible so that you will feel at ease and secure as well as on the right path. Even though this scenario may not be as frightening as a child locked in the hot auto, it’s really a scary and possibly dangerous situation.

Another situation that merits the calling of the emergency locksmith is after having a burglary. The sensation associated with helplessness after you have your property intruded on is sizable, so you will be able to be confident realizing that a skilled locksmith professional is enroute in order to secure your home following the break-in. Round the clock crisis locksmiths (like this one – locksmith manchester) can come out to your house anytime throughout the day or night in response to your query.

Due to the high sensitivity from the support a locksmith professional will give you, their reputation is of extreme significance. That’s not to state a newer locksmith will not be very good or even truthful, however, if you are aware that the supplier currently features an excellent status, you will not have to worry much concerning the end result.

Taking place Holiday with Family:This kind of point does not come under emergency. Nonetheless, contemplating leaving you home and goods unattended isn’t a soothing thought. These days, you’ve got wonderful chances to come back from a marvelous holiday in order to find your property purged by burglars. In this case, you are able to demand a crisis locksmith to examine your house prior to going to your vacation.

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Quickly response time. Not merely should he be capable of react any time for the day, she must likewise be able to answer brings inside Half an hour for an hour. He cannot allow customers stew outside-in extreme weather or during the center of the evening or when they have to have someplace else quickly.

See, services offered by an emergency locksmith usually do not cease basically with unlocking locks. Needless to say, starting locks when we find themselves in a bind is probably the main functions of those experts, but they could also be used to exchange locks, repair them, install new ones, and clean them. When you need something finished with the lock, whether in your property, car, or even commercial space, there are the pros which team you can call.

Estimates on pricing, their organization experience, any licensing they have obtained and in which the company is resides in are all blueprint to talk about with the locksmith. Several locksmiths won’t cost further for a night time call, however some will. So ensure you contact around and get the very best estimate while also having the best trained and most skilled person.

guide to choosing the best t

How to Find a Legitimate Locksmith

Ask for references or a list of customers that the locksmith previously serviced. Always make sure to verify the details. Be aware if the locksmith quickly tells you that he has to drill and change the lock. Make certain that you are comfortable with all the works that the locksmith will be handling.

If you are not contented regarding these recommendations, it’s only practical that you don’t push with the deal. Some locksmiths are charging service fees, even though the client has already called off the work. Make sure that you don’t fall prey to these schemes.

Always ask for the locksmith professional’s Identification Card as well as business card. The moment the locksmith is already in your place, ask for his ID. Just make sure that you’re at ease with the individual to whom you entrust your own personal security as well as that of your loved ones.

Obtain an itemized cost or estimate of the cost that you have to pay. You should never sign a blank form. It’s important that all the details of the work will be included in the estimate.

Be cautious of ad claims. Be aware of claims saying that the business is locally owned and operated; saying the number of years in business; or even saying that they are the best and the number one locksmith professional in town. Companies can also list definite old or incorrect certifications so the best thing to do is for you to inquire for more details regarding such claims.

Avoid overstated claims. Claims saying that they’ll be there in 15 minutes or saying that they’ll beat any price are claims that are simply easy to say but quite difficult to deliver. Consider hiring a professional locksmith as a security matter. Locksmiths will gain access to enter your car or home. Ask yourself this: are you sure you’d like to entrust your security to non-professional locksmiths?

locksmithing services

A legitimate locksmith should be a member of a local organization, like this emergency locksmith based in bristol. This organization of locksmiths generally abides by a particular code of ethics. The members of this organization are receiving professional trainings, and they are aware of the most recent industry news. A locksmith should be able to obtain a professional level of certification by means of passing a standardized testing. This professional should know how to analyze security issues and provide the best solutions.

Another important qualification is for the locksmith to abstain from utilizing questionable or improper methods in terms of soliciting patronage.


Research Everything about the Locksmith Professional Prior to Hiring

Another important thing to do is to research locksmiths in advance. This way, you won’t have to be unprepared the moment there would be an emergency. The dire need to locate locksmiths during emergency situations can put you in a bad position, and this will certainly cost you more, not to mention the truth that you’ll have no choice. You need to come up with a quick decision. The smartest idea is to have a list of locksmiths on hand.

Most people will require locksmith services very often. In fact, holiday time is when locksmith professionals certainly play an active role since most of them are concerned about home security especially when the homeowners have plans to go out for a vacation. People would naturally want their locks as well as other security devices to function properly.

The services of a local locksmith are crucial, and they come in handy during dire situations. These experts help in the maintenance and installation of the lock system. In order to obtain the best advice, it’s best that you engage the services of a professional. Only an experienced and well trained professional could provide the help that you require. There are various types of locksmiths that can offer different works depending upon the requirements of the client.

Locksmiths are classified into the following: those who handle industrial, residential, and commercial works. Not all buildings as well as commercial places will have similar security requirements. Different safety and security measures are taken and are largely dependent upon the need. Apartments, houses, and other residential places require the best home-based security systems. Locksmiths are mainly hired to change old locks or to get new keys as a replacement to lost keys, similar to this locksmith in bath.

locksmith servicesOn the other hand, industrial locksmiths normally deal with big businesses and they offer security measures as well as solutions to manufacturers. A team of professional locksmiths will work together to make sure that the place is totally secured. At commercial areas, locksmiths play an important role simply by protecting valuable and expensive assets. In addition, there are emergency services that are being offered by this expert such as duplicate keys for apartments and cars.

There are lots of service providers that deal with security related services. They .usually have a group of licensed professional locksmith that can be tapped on a 24-7 basis. Therefore one must engage the services of a reputed locksmith business for replacement and maintenance of their security systems. The truth is that there are numerous advantages of hiring an experienced and licensed company.